Sunday, November 18, 2007

some things never change

So I was wasting time on line the other day and I happened to check the law school career services jobs database. I'm not dissatisfied with my job, but I just wanted to see what was out there. Approximately 90 percent of the jobs are for an organization called, which if you check its web site seems to be a public interest clearinghouse type place. It looks like a Craigslist type of site for non-profits. So maybe some things do change - maybe the career services office has actually gotten worse. At least before I graduated they weren't re-posting jobs from Craigslist...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

blah blah blah

I have little to say but I thought it was time for an update anyway, so here goes:

*I've been handling a startling amount of obscure issues at work that I thought I would never see again after the bar exam. I don't mean I'm handling cases all by myself but issues like random people giving other people mortgages and people not signing documents, those crazy torts like misappropriation, questions about who is the beneficiary of a trust that was executed before this and that and well, whatever. It's stuff I never thought I'd deal with after the bar exam.

*Work so far is fine. Just fine. Some days are excruciatingly boring. Some days aren't. Being the only new lawyer is starting to be a drag because although I'm doing slightly more sophisticated stuff (slightly...meaning not just research and writing) than I was doing two months ago, everything I do still needs to be checked by a partner before it goes out and the partners are busy. Anyway, the job is fine.

*I went to court in Miami-Dade last week. It was only the administrative judge. The other side didn't even show up but I had to go to get the order to transfer. I saw one person from my Sports Law class outside the courtroom. I didn't talk to her. I never talked to her in law school, either. I think I know her name. I saw one guy from the BarBri class who didn't go to UM for law school. He looked quite full of himself - you know the type, barking orders on his cell phone, staring straight ahead ignoring everyone around him.

*I decided against writing a post slamming my idiot LRW professor. It seems smarter just to let things go. Actually I long ago let it go but, well, I wanted the world to know that he's an idiot. Now it just seems like I have better things to do.

*So I'm not sure what I'll do with this blog now. Probably post occasionally when something strikes me.

*Baby is coming: four weeks maximum, but the reality is that she will be making her appearance any time!