Wednesday, August 24, 2005

all class

Professor Evidence likes to jump on desks. Fine. Whatever. It's better than the profs who drone on in monotone. It's hard enough to pay attention for two hours so if he walks around jumps up on the desks that's good. It’s funny to think about other professors jumping on desks. Many would probably die trying. Not sure about his class yet. I thought taking Evidence would be like being in a Law & Order episode. Not so much.

Professor Civ Pro II is older than my grandmother. Seriously. She graduated from college in 1947 and from law school in 1951. That’s incredible. She looks that old but (after only one day) if you weren’t looking at her you’d have no idea she was so old. Seems sharp as any of the other faculty members. For what that's worth. She used the word “daffy” in the first class…something about people saying things that drive her “daffy.” Funny.

Professor Business Associations was professor summer school. He’s the same. He loves to hear himself talk. (But is there any law professor who doesn't love to hear himself or herself talk? That's why you become a law professor, right?) Is nice enough though. Won’t bother to learn anyone’s name. Doesn’t care if you read or show up. Wants us to read 60 pages for every class but admits we won’t get to that much material so why bother, right? (he told me he’s shooting for the 30th to turn in his grades for summer school. With only 35 exams to grade he’s taking the full five weeks. I hate to see how long it takes to grade the BA exams. But for now, who cares...I'm not worried about it. I'm not complaining. I'm just saying...)

Professor Legal Research…not sure if she’s considered a professor since she’s a librarian. But she’s solid. I know her already. I think I’m the only 2L in that class. Or one of only a few. I didn’t recognize anyone in there. I mean not one person even looked vaguely familiar, which was a strange feeling. But I’m terrible with names and faces and recognizing people so I shouldn’t be surprised. But compared with my other three classes where I recognized at least two-thirds or more it was a contrast…


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