Tuesday, August 09, 2005

get a job!

I need a part-time job. I interviewed for two jobs posted on the Career Placement Center web site and got rejected from one and haven’t heard from the other.

Sometimes it looks like the CPC is posting good jobs that are begging to be filled by a student here. A firm in Miami or Coral Gables or Hollywood or Boca is hiring a clerk. Sounds like a good fit for a law student here. So the CPC can be a useful resource.

Other times, I see these postings and ask: WTF? Is anyone home at the CPC?

To wit: yesterday three jobs were posted that made no sense.

First was an internship in the spring semester with the U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of Minnesota. Yes, that makes sense. Many students will commute from Florida to Minneapolis. Right. I guess it’s conceivable that someone will take a leave of absence to go work there for a semester, but shouldn’t that be a separate category from the jobs for current students seeking part-time employment?

Next was a job as “Microcomputer Analyst Level II” for the 7th Judicial Circuit in Florida. (running the computers for the court up there). Huh? Why is this posted on the “clerk” section of the web site? Is this the kind of job I’m supposed to be chasing when I graduate? Is this a joke? It’s a tech support job. Nothing wrong with working in tech support, of course, but why is this posted in a law school career center site?

Finally, JP Morgan Chase is seeking a compliance officer. The office is in New York City. Um, that’s not a part-time job for a law student at this school. It involves “legal research” so maybe it’s a job for an attorney or law student but this is not helpful.

I’m not even really trying to be critical because I think the CPC does some useful things. But as a student here, I find this to be frustrating and kind of embarrassing that this is what we get for $90,000...


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