Thursday, August 25, 2005

Katrina, part II

Katrina is still a tropical storm. But it sure is windy.

I'm sure my house will lose power. It always seems to lose power when it gets windy. If a little darkness and humidity and being really hot is the worst thing that happens to me, I have no complaints.

I have lived in Miami for a little over a year. So I went through last year's hurricane season which sucked but did not affect where I lived so compared with people who have actually been affected by a hurricane was mostly just hype.

It's impossible to avoid hurricane-related news during the build-up to a hurricane. So I'm a little sick of hearing about Hurricane Andrew, which hit Miami in 1992 (I was visiting my grandparents in Ft. Lauderdale right before it hit. My plane took off hours before the airport closed, so I was lucky). I know Andrew was hell unleashed. I know it was supposed to hit north and then hit Homestead. I know some people were without power for four months. I know my current neighbors were without power for 27 days. I know it was utter devastation and entire neighborhoods were flattened and never repaired (people moved to Broward instead of rebuilding). I know the law school was shut down for two weeks or so. OK. I get it. It was a nightmare. Awful. Enough already.


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