Friday, August 26, 2005

oh, katrina

Huh. It’s much worse than I thought. I mean I’m still fine and my house suffered nothing other than small trees downed and a crashed light pole in the backyard….but I drove around the neighborhood and it does not look pretty out there. Down the street a neighbor’s SUV was split in half when a streetlight pole fell on it. Not good. Lots of the massive trees are down although I only saw a couple on houses. My neighbor lost part of his carport roof and all of his insulation from his attic (much of which ended up on my lawn).

Downed power lines are everywhere. I drove over several. That didn’t seem like a good idea, I know, but I was following someone. I slowed down in case he got electrocuted. I was all set to back up and go another way. But he drove over it and was fine. So I did, too. I drove around a few that weren’t down but were sort of fallen so low and angled where you’d be decapitated if you walked straight into one. They are everywhere in my neighborhood. I predicted Tuesday before the power is back. At the earliest. It almost makes me wish I was a retired grandparent because my grandparents’ power came back on this morning.

Good thing I have a lot of work to do because I may as well move into the library starting tomorrow at 10 a.m.…

The other good news is that since the power will be out for a long time, I’m grilling tonight. Why not? Nothing else to do. And whatever meat was in the freezer won’t last much longer.

I just wish I could buy ice. I like ice. Ice is important to me. Cold water.

All in all, I know we’re lucky (but I can still complain a little since this is my blog and there's nothing else going on to blog about). I see that Kat (can I call her Kat?) is turning into a category 4 when it hits the Gulf Coast. That sucks. Big time. It’s just not fun at all living on the Florida Panhandle. (for lots of reasons, not limited to the neverending hurricanes, but especially because of the neverending hurricanes...

I wish I was in Minneapolis this weekend for the big party. I'll be there next weekend though that particular party will be over...


At 7:04 PM, Blogger Acore said...

Hey, glad to see you fared well through the hurricane. I heard my neighborhood down in Miami had a bunch of trees uprooted and some flooding.

Looks like the storm will be headed up north around the Tallahassee area sometime Monday morning. I wonder how this town will prepare for it.


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