Thursday, September 01, 2005

gotta go

Complain and you shall receive…

Loyal readers (all 20 or 30 of you!) of this blog and my old blog know I like complaining about the subpar bathroom facilities on this campus.

Actually, I don’t love complaining but I like pointing out how poor the bathroom facilities are here. It gives me hope that some day, some how, someone would heed my complaints and do something about the fact that the bathrooms on this campus barely exceed the quality of bathrooms at a large urban public high school.

(Were you like me—did you fear the men’s room at your large public high school? I did. Probably because the men’s room was just one big dark, dank room with urinals and toilets. No stalls. And the bad kids smoked cigarettes in there. Scary place for the nerds like me).

Anyway, it looks like the last few weeks have seen some drastic improvements in bathroom facilities on campus. I’d like to take credit for these changes although I’m 99 percent sure that I’m not responsible. Still, if no one wants to own up to being in charge of bathrooms and we can’t give credit where credit is due, I’ll gladly steal the credit.

Without further ado, the improvements I’ve noticed lately:

A stall-like apparatus in the first-floor classroom area men’s rooms separating the urinal from the sink. No more washing your hands 6 inches from the business end of someone taking care of business.

A Jetsons-esque urinal in the men’s room. It not only looks like the Urinal of the Future, it saves water, too!

Wow, right? 2005-06 is going to be a great year!


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