Thursday, October 27, 2005

Are you as sick of Wilma as I am?

Now we’re seeing an emergence of the Haves and Havenots. The Haves have power. The Havenots don’t. You really don’t have any control over the power situation unless you own a generator which I’m thinking most students don’t. The people who have power seem to live in apartment complexes and just got lucky that their area got power first. Some of the Haves also have gas but that’s because they waited 4 hours in a line. Goddamn that sucks. I have half a tank so that’s enough to get to and from school for the next four or five days at least. On the other hand, I had a hot shower at the Wellness Center today. It was awesome…


The rumors are flying about how we’re going to have to make up classes. I assume they deans don’t yet know what we’ll do but I wish they would tell us something so people would stop spreading rumors. I’ve heard everything from having exams after the winter break to classes for the next three Sundays and the first two days of the reading period. Exams after winter break? Not a good idea.

I don’t think we’ll be having exams after winter break since the profs are already working out what do to on their own. Professor Civ Pro II already sent out an e-mail with the revised syllabus. It’s a lot of reading but I guess it presumes you did the reading for this week’s cancelled classes so as a result you can stay on track. Whatever. Better to have a lot of reading than class on Sundays. I’m guessing though, that since she’s been teaching for about 1,000 years, she knows how to pick up the pace and get through this stuff without holding any extra classes.


I couldn’t help noticing that Gov. Jeb Bush has gone public defending FEMA and said to blame him instead of FEMA for poor planning and delays in the distribution of ice and water. And Bush isn’t running for re-election. Coincidence? I don’t think so. That was smart of Karl Rove to tell Jeb to take the blame so he could deflect blame from FEMA. I bet in future FEMA fuckups they’ll find a lame duck Republican politician to “volunteer” to take the blame…


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