Monday, October 24, 2005

the hurricane is here...right now

So this is what a hurricane sounds like. It’s loud. It sounds like I’m in a tin hut in a wind tunnel.

I think shutters actually make it louder than it should be. One shutter sounds like it’s being battered continuously. By what? I’m not sure. It’s also dark in the house (even though it’s light outside).

My house has shutters except in the back so I can see the backyard and trees are blowing all over the place. It looks like the wind is much stronger than it was during Katrina. It’s a safe bet that plenty of those massive trees that got knocked down during Katrina are blowing over again. I don’t really know if buildings are getting damaged though. Neither do the yahoos on the radio (which is broadcasting the helmet heads on TV)

Power is out. Phone is working (I’m on dial-up…yeah, I’m old school!). Nothing to do but wait. They say it will be out of the area soon. Then it’s supposed to get cold. You’ll get no complaints from me about the cold.


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