Monday, October 24, 2005

more on wilma

The National Hurricane Center says Wilma is packing winds of 120 miles per hour. It occurs to me that I would have no idea whether wind I’m seeing is 60 miles per hour or 120 miles per hour. I guess when trees start blowing past you window, you’re in the 100 range. I don't know how to gauge these things just by looking outside or listening to the pounding the shutters are taking. So I don’t know how fast the wind is blowing in my neighborhood. I have no idea. I’d just like it to stop soon.

I wish I had something productive to do but it’s hard to take your mind off the hurricane when it’s so damn loud and it’s dark. I thought I’d study today but that doesn’t look likely because once this thing leaves there will be plenty of cleaning up to do outside. I'm anxious to see what the damage is.

At least it’s not hot and muggy like it was for Katrina.


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