Sunday, October 23, 2005

wilma, wilma, wilma

Still waiting for Wilma. She’ll hit the west coast of the state at dawn tomorrow and then be out of here and off into the Atlantic by late in the day. So that’s good, right? A fast-moving storm can’t be too dangerous, right? Actually, no, that’s not good and yes, a fast-moving storm can be dangerous and deadly.

I’ll still be glad when it’s gone because the hysteria – it’s gone well beyond hype –is out of control here.

I assume we’ll be back in school and everything will be back to normal Tuesday morning – or sooner, like on Monday night. But who knows? Wilma could be a whopper and wreak major devastation.

If Monday is the only day of classes we miss then I assume Professor Evidence will hold class on Halloween instead of giving us that day off and then we won’t have to make up any classes. That would be cool. I never understood why he was giving us the day off on Halloween. It’s not like I was planning to go trick or treating.

In other news, I’m getting rid of Comcast because Comcast is the worst company in the history of companies. Comcast is terrible. Comcast is the worst. Actually Comcast has one more chance to fix my problems when they come out on Friday. Then I’m switching to DSL and either Dish Network or Direct TV. The Dish people told me that all their satellites survived Katrina. Sure. It can’t be worse than Comcast though. As for DSL over cable internet, I’m thinking that since we never, ever have trouble with the phone line (in fact I never even use the phone; I don’t know why we even have it since everyone including my grandma calls me on my cell phone) DSL should work consistently, right? I hope so because I’m switching.


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