Saturday, November 05, 2005

Evidence class on Saturday night! Fun!

It’s 5 p.m. Saturday. I have a class starting in an hour and a half. It goes until 8:25 p.m. On Saturday night.

Hurricanes suck. Yes, I know everyone is making sacrifices and many are suffering (for example, on Thursday a guy in one of my classes still did not have power. He is living in a motel. Someone in another class said she still does not have power or water. Wow. That’s miserable. That's suffering.)

Still, I can complain. Part of this make-up class plan is ridiculous. Few people have class on Fridays. No one has class Friday afternoons. So why isn’t the Friday afternoon make-up slot assigned to Saturday which would mean no one would be in class on Saturday night? Why are they making up Friday classes on a Sunday when only a small percentage of students even has class on Fridays? I still hate Wilma.

The library is getting more crowded these days. That means the stupid people are coming out of the woodwork. You know the type – they’re oblivious that most people around them are sitting quietly. They and their friends take up a table near the study carrels or better yet, several carrels and they’re passing stuff around, walking around to look at each other’s computer, talking to each other. Totally oblivious to the rest of the people trying to study. They don’t care. They’ll probably make great lawyers some day if you judge the quality of the lawyer by how big of an asshole he is. Oh good. Now they’re feeding each other. It’s cute. No, it isn’t. I’m this close to going over there and asking them to shut up. I’d say it politely. Really. I know how popular that makes me (!) but I don’t care. I have so little tolerance for stupid people (I equate inconsiderateness with stupidity. I know some people think that’s a stupid inference.)

I’ve complained enough about the third-world-like conditions in the parking lot. It’s almost justifiable when a non-law student goes the wrong way or gets stuck because it’s so poorly marked and it’s confusing and there is no room and there are massive puddles and the arrows on the signs actually point the wrong direction from the arrows on the pavement. But when a law student (a 2L no less so he’s had a year and a half to figure it out) goes the wrong way down the one-way lanes? Idiot.


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