Tuesday, November 29, 2005

the most wonderful time of the year

So here are a few good things about the reading period and finals.

1. Parking is rarely a problem, especially in the morning. It seems to get a little full during the day though. I spent 25 minutes driving up and down the rows looking for a spot today but I found one eventually. (Hey, did you know it’s free to park at the spots in front of the law school until they get those new machines that will replace the meters up and running? It is! Thank me later!)

2. I had a study group meeting at a friend’s house. For thanksgiving his wife had made the chocolate cake. I had a slice. It was delicious. I know chocolate. I know deserts. I know cake. And this one was terrific.

3. No more classes. So no more stupid, annoying questions from you-know-who. Hey, everyone’s entitled to ask a few questions. Even a few stupid ones. We’re here to learn, right? But eventually you have to give it a rest. Especially when it’s clear to everyone else that this material is just not that important.

4. ? (I can't think of anything else. Can you?)

Professor evidence said this yesterday at the beginning of class:

“Good news: I finished writing the exam and it’s really, really funny!”

OK. Terrific. Thanks, prof. Now I'm really looking forward to the exam. Before I was dreading it. Um, not really.


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