Tuesday, December 27, 2005

more than halfway there

I know, I know, being half done with law school is something, right?

But I think I am close to accomplishing something almost as exciting: I have 13,000 Westlaw points. I need only 7,000 more for a 30GB video ipod!

I guess all that research I had to do for my Legal Research class and this paper I'm writing has finally paid off. So I might not get a job, pass the bar or even graduate, but I'll have a 30GB video ipod..


At 7:05 PM, Blogger SuperBee said...

Ya know, I was sort of a mess before the bar, but judging from your recent spurt of exam panicking, If I were you, I would seriously consider getting some accupuncture during that summer, or you're going to fucking lose it. :)

And keep truckin' with those points. If you have that many already, don't cash them in quite yet. Do all the exercises and hoard points (find a friend who's a Westlaw and Lexis guy, and get points from them.) As an aside, the Lexis rewards system kicks Westlaw's around the block and back. They link up to Amazon.com and you can literally buy a crack addicted Romanian Baby or a Hermes scarf or a BMW 3i on there. So focus less on the Westlaw, and more on the Lexis. That's how I got my 400 dollar kitchen aid mixer. I also got a shit ton of stuff from Westlaw, but that was b/c I had to, not b/c I wanted any of it.

At 1:14 PM, Blogger Klio said...

A crack addicted Romanian Baby?!! How many points are those? We (1ls) get Westlaw access next week.


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