Thursday, December 08, 2005

Professor Bleeding Heart?

I was rifling through the big stack of handouts that Professor Civ Pro II handed out this semester. I saved all of them but rarely looked at them. I figured it would be a good idea to check them out before the final. (I know -- I come up with such great ideas!)

So it's a bunch of stuff about Class Actions and interpleaders and discovery and typical Civ Pro junk. But mixed in with all that is a column by Thomas Friedman in the New York Times in which he writes about how China is really ahead of the United States on being green (as in environmentally efficient) and how in 10 years the U.S. will be buying its green technology from China.

Huh? It seems kind out of place. Professor Civ Pro II never said a word about her politics all semester. Unlike some profs she kept her personal views completely out of the class, probably because it's tough to get overly political about joinder devices. I'm almost wondering if it was a mistake, like she grabbed the wrong classes' handouts from the copy center. If not, I can't imagine why she gave it to us...


At 12:22 PM, Blogger Klio said...

We got a similar handout from Professor Civ Pro I, who is the same (for all the non-UM readers) as your Professor Civ Pro II.

It was an interesting little break from the routine Civ Pro material and I, an amateur Sinologist, asked Professor Civ Pro I about after class. Yep, nothing to do with Civ Pro. Professor Civ Pro II lectured in China and enjoys following developments there. Which is just great with me, except for the suggestion of the article that China, in its "novel" environmental technology is somehow more progressive than we are in the States.

There are lots of wonderful things that China is, but progressive isn't one of them. Ask Falun Gong, Tibet, drug addicts, hiv-infected persons, homosexuals, philosophy students, women in the cities who want to have more than one child, women in the country who want to have more than two children . . . I could go on.

Anyway, Chinese civil procedure might have been more on point, but that may have proved incompatible with Professor Civ Pro I & II's understanding of justice and due process. So, great - let's import some "green" technology from China. Everything will be peachy 'til someone is sued and has to defend themselves in a Chinese courtroom.


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