Friday, January 20, 2006

This is what I did today

The good news: I got a grade. It was a good one. Now I only need to get one more and I'll have all of them. Prof. BA is a week late already.

The discouraging news: I spent a long time talking to a lot of lawyers, both in person and over the phone and I did not get a job. Not that I expected an on-the-spot job offer. I got lots of leads, followed through on them, talked to people, sente out resumes, got more names of people to call or send resumes to, and so far: nothing. And I'm only looking for a summer job. I can't imagine how difficult this will be if I don't end up being a summer associate and getting a job offer and then I have to look for a real job this time next year.

On the bright side: This semester is starting off painfully slowly in terms of the workload. That's a good thing. I've never felt so at ease with the whole law school workload thing and trying to have an actual life, too. MLK day and the fact that Monday is my busiest day helped. And it helped that Prof. State & Local Government skipped town this week so we didn't have the Wednesday class either. And it helps that Justice Breyer is speaking next week during a class, so that class is cancelled. It also no doubt helps that I turned in the first draft of my paper to Prof. Independent Writing Requirement so I can't do anything until I get it back. I only wish Prof. Independent Writing Requirement would inform me whether he has received the paper that I both e-mailed and dropped off with his secretary.

Speaking of not having much work, have you ever noticed that the value of a law school credit fluctuates wildly? By that I mean that some two credit classes are as much work as four credit classes. Some two credit classes, like the one I and about 15 other people dropped after the first class, are 50 times as much work as the two credit class I transferred into. You'd think they would have minimum standards for these things so the workload in a four credit class is more than in a three credit one which is higher than a two credit class. Nah. Wishful thinking...


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