Friday, February 10, 2006

Dell is the worst company in the world

Just for kicks, I'll tell you what happened to my computer. Finally I got it back from Dell. And not only was the problem not fixed, this time the computer DIDN'T EVEN TURN ON. So they failed to fix the problem and they made it worse.

It almost defies logic, but the dimwits who 'fixed' it at their Memphis plant did not bother to spend the 60 seconds it takes to turn on the computer before shipping it back. In world in which logic, common sense and reason prevail, it's almost impossible to believe that after fixing a broken computer, the person responsible for making sure it's fixed would hit the power switch and turn it on, just to see if it's working. Let's say a mechanic rebuilt or repaired an engine. Even if the engine looked, in his mind, perfectly fixed after all his hard work, I guarantee the mechanic would attempt to turn the key and start the car just to make sure his work. Am I right? How could any mechanic be stupid enough not to star the car? He couldn't.

But the technicians at Dell operate in a parallel universe. Dell is terrible. Dell tech support is awful. Dell is incompetent. Everyone who works for Dell is an idiot. Dell sucks. Dell computers are OK but if they ever break down, you are screwed. Dell is the worst company on earth. Dell is terrible. I hate Dell. Soon I will sue Dell for breach of contract (the warranty).


At 3:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gateway would make you sue them in an arbitration somewhere in France. Remember that crazy case from Contracts?

At 12:44 PM, Blogger LawFool said...


HP is just as bad. It took 5 returns before they finally gave me a new laptop. I had to return it 3 times before they finally hooked me up with a "case worker" who seemed to have some power to actually get me some real attention -- I thought I was "in," but 2 more returns before I got a new box. And, even then, the box they sent me was an older unit than the one I sent back. So, I sent that one back. Grrrr...


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