Tuesday, February 28, 2006

working and blogging

So the Unicco (maintenance) workers voted to strike. That's interesting. But a strike vote is not the same as an actual strike. The professor has a take on it here. He won't cross the picket line, which since he's not teaching, won't affect any students. None of my professors other than Prof. Seminar has said anything about not crossing the picket line, so we'll see what happens. My guess is Judge Professional Responsibility will have no problem crossing the picket line. Not too sure about Prof. State and Local Government and Prof. Sub Crim. I can see the latter siding with the picketers.

Well, whaddaya know? I've discovered that another of my classmates has a blog. It's infrequently updated, but that's OK. Pretty much all blogs at this school are rarely updated, except for the professor's (and this one). I'm shocked that, from just skimming his earlier posts, he and I might share similar political views. I'm absolutely stunned by this. No kidding.


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