Monday, March 06, 2006

Union busting under the sun

Ok, in case you missed it, here’s the latest from here, suddenly a hotbed of student activism, union-busting and labor strife:

1. The strike is still on. Garbage is piling up on campus, lawns are more than ¾ inch high and trees are not being pruned. Or not. The part about the strike being on is true, but if you just flew into town today and strolled around campus, you’d have no clue that workers were striking.
2. A student got roughed up by the “campus police” over the weekend passing out flyers. Read her first-person account here in Prof. Froomkin’s blog.
3. I had a class off campus today. I really felt like I was making a powerful statement. [/sarcasm]
4. Bricklayer, another student here, has a rambling, barely coherent screed in which he clarifies that not only does he believe that the labor movement is the embodiment of evil, the union organizing the striking workers here may as well by run by Tony Soprano. Fortunately, he provides many links (all of them to totally unbiased sources, I'm sure) and even bolds and italicizes some phrases so you know he means business.
5. Allegedly, the faculty are having a big meeting to “discuss” the strike. It’s being held off campus at, according to prof. state and local, a location “with no place to park.” According to the same source, it’s being held off campus because that was the only way to ensure a lot of people would attend
6. There is a mythical campaign being conducted by the university administration in which they are contacting parents of students and urging them to complain about off campus classes. I say it’s “mythical” because I haven’t seen any evidence of it.
7. I still don’t have a job. (I know it has nothing to do with the strike. I’m just saying…)


At 2:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prof State and Local would complain about the parking. He unilaterially decided to move our 8am torts class to 7:45am just for better parking.

And the whole point of a strike is to make people see how valuable your work is. If you can't tell, boy, they need some better organizers.

At 12:59 AM, Blogger Acore said...

I'm all for advocating the rights of employees. However, I remember that the UNICCO employees would take naps in their trucks and sleep in the grass behind our office when I worked at UM. Now apparently there is an argument about them receiving insufficient wages. This argument is justified by the employees that worked hard to keep the grounds kept; however, I dont think it is reasonable for one who sleeps on the job to complain about their salary. Right now I'm working harder than they did AND I'm paying to do so.


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