Monday, March 20, 2006

What planet do you live on?

Who the fuck are these people? Look, I get it. It's OK to carry on a conversation in the library. People do it all the time. Usually it's just a temporary thing, although often it lasts a really long time. Anyway, it's not like I think it should be totally silent all the time.

Then there are the two fucking morons who are currently sitting on the third floor of the library, where I am now, in an area that is dead silent except for the two of them quietly (but not that quietly) doing some kind of group project at one of the desks (the one-person, individual desks which do not have an attached desk, a hint to most people of average intelligence that only one person should sit there). Are they too stupid to realize that no one else in this entire section of the library is talking and the place for working on stuff together is, um, ANYWHERE BUT HERE? Or do they just not care?

/end of rant. I feel much better now. Thanks for listening. I'm so glad spring break is over...


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