Saturday, April 22, 2006

3 cheers!

So all the classes are over. This semester, people applauded in three of my four classes. I couldn’t believe that anyone applauded Professor Pessimist in State and Local Government. I wanted to boo.

I wrote last semester about the silly tradition of clapping for the teacher so no need to go down that road again. I still don’t get it.

At least no one applauded Professor Seminar. Not that he’s a bad professor, but there were only five people in the class so that would have been even more awkward than usual if one person had broken out in applause. I did notice something interesting: When students applaud, the professor usually gets an awkward grimace on his face, but Judge/Professor Professional Responsibility got a huge grin on his face. He seemed to enjoy the round of applause.


At 8:08 PM, Blogger Tortious Inference said...

You jerk! Wine, whine, wyne. That's all you do. I mean, that's all I am saying you selfish jerk. I am so sick of reading your blog. I tune in every other hour and what do I find, you wineing. Dang, give me a break. So what I have to study but I just wanted to check back today to see what you wrote. I mean I've been checking since 7:30 this morning and you finally posted something about four hours later. You make out school look bad. Everyone reads this blog you know so when everyone reads this blog, it makes us look bad because as the spokes person for all 1200 of us here you aren't allowed to have an opinion. God, stop whinning already and get a job. Man, I am not reading this blog anymore. Forget it. Jeez, you don't get it. What are you bloggin about tomorrow?

At 10:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

T.I. - This blog is good. If you don't like it, stop reading it. But stop whining about it. Jeez!

At 1:42 AM, Anonymous Grohl said...

Sarcasm is wasted on some.

At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three cheers for Some Guy's blog.

And if anyone knows T.I. personally, maybe you should check in on him to make sure he's OK. Seriously.


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