Monday, April 17, 2006

That time again (almost)

It’s that time of year. Almost. As Tortious Interference said, finals are so, uh, so final.

I only have two in-class finals and one take home. They are all nicely spaced out – I have one final in each of the three weeks so I’ll have plenty of time to fill my brain with useful facts. I'm even going to Chicago for a wedding right in the middle of finals. Cubs-Cardinals at Wrigley Field next Saturday. I'll be there. Can't wait.

So I don’t feel nearly as stressed as the last three semesters. Part of that is because I already wrote and turned in the two papers I had to write this semester, so that means I have one-third less work than in previous semesters.

Sure, whatever. I’m sure this time next week the stress level will ratchet up about 100 levels and I’ll lose my mind. I sure don’t love this time of year!

The good news is that we only have two more Food Law, um, I mean State and Local Government classes. I can’t wait until Wednesday afternoon when I’m done with that class. I won’t miss Professor Pessimist at all…


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