Monday, July 24, 2006


The library is quiet today. The bar exam is tomorrow and Wednesday. Last week I was going to write a post about how the library had become increasingly crowded over the past couple weeks with graduates lugging their yellow Bar-Bri books. Lots of them had that vacant, thousand-mile stare commonly seen on 1Ls during exams. But I didn't write that post because then I thought, "Hey, a year from now, that'll be me. And that sucks!" And I can write about it then (I know, I know, the previous post is about possibily discontinuing this blog and I'm already thinking about what I'll write a year from now. It's just a thought. Don't hold me to it. Don't hold me to anything, actually). I know the whole process of studying for the bar exam is no fun so I'll do my best not to worry about it for another 9-10 months until it's time to actually worry about it.

Did you see that they extended the deadline to register for OCI Phase I? Apparently they added another employer. So we now have three total firms hiring 3Ls. Three. Awesome. Could I ever stop complaining about OCI? I'll try, I guess, but it's frustrating, to say the least.


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