Sunday, August 20, 2006

advice? who needs it?

Last year I posted some advice for incoming 1Ls. Everyone thinks at the beginning of their second year that they're wiser and therefore qualified to give advice. As a 3L I don't really have anything different to say than what I said last year.

So here's some advice from Rambling Without Cause. I'd have to disagree vehemently with No. 3, which says "your professors are really in awe of you. you're younger and have them outclassed in terms of untapped potential." Keep in mind that RWC goes to one of the best law schools in the country, so things might be different there than here, but I've never once thought any professor felt this way about students. Actually once or twice Prof. Business Associations and Con Law II (they're the same guy) gave out that vibe but he's the only one.

I also would strongly disagree with No. 5: any stress people experience during 1L is wholly a result of them so choosing to be stressed. Look, the first year is stressful. There's no getting around it. Hopefully everyone can manage to limit the stress and keep things in perspective. It sucks that they make it so stressful and such a brutal process, but your 1L year is not the time to fight the system if you want to be an attorney. Worry about changing the system later. You will get stressed sometimes. People experience varying levels of stress and handle it in different ways. Some ignore it. Others keep it as motivation. Some let it affect their lives. But don't get stressed about the fact that you're stressed. It's a brutal experience and although it's a good idea to understand that law school won't always be this stressful, it is stressful.

Oh and I'm one of those people RWC should avoid based on his tip No. 9. Oh well. To each his own. I won't try to convert anyone to my system but even though I'm now a 3L I still use different colors. Hey, when I get called on or re-read (skim, actually) before class all I need to know is to look at the orange highlighting for the holding, green for issue, pink for procedure below, etc.


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