Monday, August 28, 2006

Thinking about Ernesto

Ernesto is coming. Classes are cancelled Tuesday and Wednesday. That means my next class is next Tuesday. They scheduled lit skills make-up classes for Friday morning. I’ll be out of town unless the airport blows away on Thursday. (By all accounts the storm will be long gone Thursday morning so we should have no problem flying out of here.) That was a good idea to schedule make-up classes on the Friday before a long weekend. I’d say at least 75 percent of 2Ls and 3Ls (including me) don’t have class on Fridays. Think anyone besides me is planning to leave town? Terrific planning as usual…

People are panicking and waiting in long gas lines. A guy I know said he witnessed a near brawl while in line for gas. What is wrong with people?

I guess the same people who always line up for plywood are lining up for plywood again to cover their windows. I’m glad my house has shutters. But what’s the deal with these people who line up for plywood time and time again? I’m fascinated with these people. I mean what do they do with the plywood after each hurricane that they need to get back in line the next time?

My favorite part of Hurricane Wilma was the eight days we spent without power at my house. It was made more annoying by the fact that all my neighbors have generators. All of them. Generators, in case you’ve never heard one, are REALLY LOUD and when you have to sleep with the windows open because it’s so hot and everyone has a generator except you, life is miserable. Why don’t I just get a generator, you ask? I’m sure I could afford one of the cheap ones, which are only a few hundred bucks. But they last maybe six hours and you have to keep refilling them. When I get my first big law job I’m buying a generator. A big one. Maybe even one of those massive ones that you install with an underground tank. That’s my new dream. I used to fantasize about a 60-inch LCD TV. Now all I want is an extra $15,000 for a stand-by generator.

As far as the last post about the non-makeup makeup days, yeah, if you like being the type to say “I told you so” feel free to tell me you told me so.


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