Friday, October 13, 2006

Not much to it

Sorry, but I just don't have much for you.

  • I have a cold. It sucks. But I'll live
  • They're closing four rows of the parking lot on Monday. That'll be great! Can't wait! You'd think the idiots who run the parking shuttle would try and get more shuttles going that day, but I guarantee you that there will be 10 or more idle shuttles sitting in the parking lot under the metrorail as usual. And it'll still take half an hour from the time you pull into the Ponce garage to get to the law school. You know, parking wouldn't be so bad here if the shuttle system actually was as efficient as they claim it is. My favorite part is when there is a huge crowd of people at the garage shuttle stop and the shuttle is just sitting there 50 yards away while the driver goes on her break.
  • More free printing for some people. Less e-mail storage. Sure. Whatever.
  • I heard that if you pay the PMBR deposit by December you can take the class in December and again in May for free. I guess that makes sense in theory but I'll be damned if I'm giving up a week of my last long vacation so I can spend a week studying for the bar exam which isn't for seven more months. Does anyone know anyone who took the weeklong PMBR twice and thinks it's a good idea?
  • I told you I didn't have much for you.


At 12:41 PM, Blogger SuperBee said...

Don't take PMBR twice. All it'll get you is a false sense of security when you sit down for the (second) time on May 16th, and get your ass spanked by the questions.

You don't need a false sense of security. You're supposed to get beaten down. Again. Trust me, you need it. (Not you, personally, but "you" as a 3L.) The most valuable thing that PMBR does in that first week after graduation is let you know how little you actually know...and how you're going to fail the Bar unless you study your ass off.


At 9:56 PM, Blogger Bricklayer said...

I could not disagree with superbee more. PMBR (the multistate) is your key to passing the bar on the first try.

At 1:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can pass the bar without PMBR. I did. Plus, word on the street is the NCBEX was not pleased with the fact that Feinberg basically copied actual test questions from the exam and therefore they have revised the test so as to not unfairly reward PMBR takers. I think the key is just doing lots and lots and lots of practice questions and understanding the explanations. If you feel you absolutely must do PMBR questions, buy the books off of eBay and use the rest of the $600 you saved on your post-bar vacation.

At 4:44 PM, Blogger Bricklayer said...

It is true you can go without the PMBR lectures, although I would not recommend it. But their sample questions are a must. Used are fine. I gave mine away already, sorry.

Many people approach the FBE without understanding the math. You need a combined average score of 136. This means you can fail the Florida portion, but make up for it with your multistate score (and vice-versa, but if you look at past results the former happens much more often then the latter). The MBE is a nationwide exam, and thus the curve has a huge sample size with a narrow center. So each additional question you get right has a HUGE impact on your scaled MBE score. The same is not true for Florida portion questions. If you answer 8-10 more questions right then the national average, you're sitting pretty. Do it on the Florida portion and you're nowhere near a lock, you'll still have to do well on the MBE. In otherwords, doing just a little above average on the MBE can really cover your ass for mistakes on the Florida. The converse is not true unless you seriously bitchslap the Florida, which is harder to do. The PMBR web site used to have a detailed explanation of the math, I don't know if they still do. But look at the Fla. Supreme Court website that has the bar results, you'll see many examplesy of people passing based soley on MBE score, very few on Fla alone.

But more importantly, the MBE is more manageable in terms of preparation. The PMBR questions are so exemplarary that you have a good idea of how you are progressing based on their sample questions. The same is not true of the Florida portion based on essay and trivial pursuit multiple choice.

I put 90% of my time into the multistate. I rocked it. I could have failed the Florida portion miserably (I modestly passed) and still passed. I told friends to use my approach. Those that did passed. Those that didn't failed. There is no shame in failing the Florida portion. Hopefully your MBE score covers you. If not, you never ever want to have to take the MBE twice. A redo on the Florida isn't so bad. And no, I don't work for PMBR.

That is all.

At 5:21 PM, Blogger some guy said...

Thanks Bricklayer and others. This is stuff that I haven't really started to think about yet. I figure I have plenty of time to worry about this stuff later. I'm taking PMBR and BarBri. I'm just not taking PMBR in December and giving up my facation.

At 10:17 PM, Blogger Bricklayer said...

Do not do anything about the bar until after graduation.

At 2:10 AM, Blogger SuperBee said...

My comments were directed to taking PMBR in December. PMBR is mandatory and it's stupid not to take it.

That said, you don't have to take it twice. So, like Bricklayer said, (and like I tried to say, but I guess I failed...) don't do anything for the Bar until after you've graduated. That's what I meant - no need to go into PMBR when it actually counts, thinking you're in good shape, because you already took part of it, when you're not in good shape...


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