Thursday, December 07, 2006

studying got what?

Did you see that e-mail from our SBA president with the subject line (in all caps) LAW SCHOOL JUST GOT EASIER? Yeah, that was strange. I signed up for that site but I think it's missing something pretty important, like uh, I don't know, an explanation of why I should be using this site.

It seems to have a lot of outlines from classes from this law school that you can download but it doesn't have the only one I need so I'm not downloading anything just for the hell of it. It also lets you upload outlines. So I guess it's an outline sharing service? I don't know. Every year groups sell outlines and outlines go back and forth (usually for free -- I've never charged anyone a dime for any of my outlines and I've received plenty of outlines over the years from other people, all for free). I wonder if anyone really is out there thinking that he wished he could have an outline from a certain class but didn't know how to go about getting one? Are there people who are unwilling or unable to just ask someone in their class? Are there law students who refuse to give up their outlines? I don't know any but I haven't used other people's outlines since my Evidence class a year ago and even then, I only used them as a backup reference. I never relied on anyone else's outline. Why would you?

Anyway, who knows what this site is about. You'd think if you were starting a new web site that you wanted people to use, you'd explain to them somewhere on the front of the web site what exactly the site does and why people should use it.

Yeah sorry, that's all I've got...


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