Tuesday, December 12, 2006

what to do?

I have no idea how to study for my Employment Discrimination exam.

I can't say I'm too stressed about it, but you'd think what with this being my sixth time taking law school final exams (four previous semesters plus summer school), I'd know how to study. But this is an open-book exam. It's multiple-choice and/or true/false. And it's about employment discrimination. So I'm reading my outline, outlining my outline, tabbing my outline, but not to memorize my outline because that sounds like something you'd do as an undergraduate. Oh, and I'm also turning in a paper which counts as the essay portion of the exam so I've been working on that. But it's unclear how much the essay counts compared with the objective portion.

You know how people describe law school exams as fair or unfair? Well last time I took an exam by Prof. Employment Discrimination (in his Sub Crim class) it was neither far nor unfair. It was stupid. The questions just made no sense. Fortunately, in that class, if you turned in the paper, all you had to do was pass the objective portion and your grade for the class would be the grade you got on your paper. I did OK because I cited the professor's work as often as possible, but in Employment Discrimination I didn't cite his work because he didn't write on the topic that I chose.

I just want it to be over...


At 7:58 PM, Blogger LawFool said...

Hey, Since you took classes in summer school, are you graduating this semester?


At 8:28 PM, Blogger some guy said...



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