Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yawn, yet another celebrity sighting

I was thinking about how the Super Bowl is in town next week. For some people in my neighborhood, where my house is one of the only English-speaking houses on the block, I'm guessing they have no idea that the eyes of hundreds of millions of people will be on Miami this week. When stuff like this happens, it really hits home how the Miami you see in TV or the Miami you visit is nothing like the Miami you live in. At least not the one that I live in - I know plenty of law students live in South Beach and live a much different life than me. Don't get me wrong -- I'm not saying that I'm disappointed or surprised by this; it's just something I'm observing. I mean I knew when I moved here that I wouldn't be rubbing shoulders with celebrities at the supermarket or bumping into those people during the course of a regular day.

So anyway, one of the things you quickly get used to about going to this school is the celebrity sightings. I'm not saying that celebrities are everywhere, but so many famous athletes went here that it's just par for the course. Even famous athletes who didn't go here like to hang out here -- just ask A-Rod, who is on the Board of Trustees.

Still, today for some reason I was a little thrown off by my celebrity sighting because the guy I saw isn't just famous -- he's a terrifying, and yet oddly compelling figure, although not necessarily in a good way.

I was walking across the intramural fields on my way to the gym and came upon a group of large African-American men unloading a truck full of boxes, sound equipment, drinks and uh, a bunch of other stuff. One of them looked vaguely familiar but as I walked past him I couldn't quite place him. Then on the way back, the event they were preparing for was all set up and I realized I just had a brush with one of the strangest and yet scariest alumni of this institution: The man I saw was Ray Lewis, alternately known as God's Linebacker and uh, well, let's see, how should we put this delicately...the man who stood by and um, obstructed justice while his posse may or may not have murdered a couple of people. Just as quickly, Lewis "rehabilitated" his image by winning a Super Bowl and MVP a year later and decided that the media and public was at fault for making such a big deal of the double murder.

Yeah, so that's my celebrity sighting for the day.


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