Monday, February 26, 2007

live, from administrative law!

I'm in Admin Law class right now. It's really dull. I thought it would be cool to offer some live blogging but I don't think that would be cool at all. The professor is very earnest about his admin law. One guy laughs at about half of the things the prof says. No one knows why he's laughing. A guy in back just said "fuck" a little too loudly. Two people who sit in the row in front of me are silent today; last week they talked to each other a lot during class -- loudly. One regular reader of this blog who is in this class is not here today. Lucky guy. In fact, the room is a little more than half full. I'm taking this class pass/fail, which is good.

I went to this symposium on Saturday that was like a time warp linking to my first year of law school. I'd like to say these were fond memories, but that's not true at all. Prof. Crim Pro was leading the panel. Prof. Property was uh, showing off his Ph.D. in history, Prof. Elective was there and Prof. Contracts showed up wearing a track suit (everyone else was wearing a real suit - the kind that is generally accompanied by a tie). And in what I'm guessing is probably not a coincidence, he showed up at the exact time they started serving lunch.

I'm about 95 percent sure I'm not going to see Al Gore speak on Wednesday but I have a ticket so if you know me and you want the ticket, let me know and it's yours. If I knew Gore was bringing his Oscar and I could hold it or something (and get my picture taken with it, like people do with the Stanley Cup?) I'd probably go but I think he's doing the same presentation he did in the movie, which I've seen. Besides, I'm going to see Clinton the next day and that's enough for me.


At 10:21 AM, Blogger SoFlaDave said...

I'd been up since about 3 (sunday night flight back from philly cancelled, had to fly back monday morning) so the prospct of almost 3 hours of admin wasn't appealing to me.


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