Thursday, March 01, 2007

Is anyone home?

So what's the deal with this e-mail we got from the Career Placement Center about Supreme Court summer internships that said "FYI-great opportunity!"? I know it was for 1Ls and 2Ls so it's not like I was considering applying (since I'm a 3L), but do the people at the CPC have a grasp on reality?
These are some of the qualifications. You tell me if law students should be applying for these jobs:
Successful completion of at least one year of college education.
Team-oriented, to work in printing and e-publishing. Web data formatting, data conversion, and customer service skills a plus. Shift flexibility.
Detail oriented with an interest in Accounting or Budget and Human Resources (benefits); clerical and computer skills appreciated.
Hands-on experience and interest in computer applications, particularly hardware/software set-up and installation.
Do the people at the CPC suggest we try to fool potential employers about our work experience. I can just imagine the interview for a full-time job or a clerkship or something:
Interviewer: "Wow, I see on your resume that you worked at the Supreme Court last summer. That must have been a great experience. Tell me about that"
Law Student: "I installed software. Once I removed a virus from Justice Ginsburg's laptop."
Interviewer: "Oh. Well, you'd be perfect if we needed an IT guy. But we're trying to hire a lawyer.


At 11:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You hit it right on. Lame! Maybe they can start sending stuff about hospitality hosts needed at certain firms. Or paper shredders needed at investment banks.

Anyone home is right!

Keep on . . .

At 9:09 PM, Blogger SoFlaDave said...

Maybe next week they'll send us a job posting for work as a janitor for the building. Technicall you'd be 'working' at the Supreme Court.

The sad thing is the CPC would probably be the first one trumpetting the fact that UM students worked there.


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