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This e-mail from the dean is incredible. Is it possible that the faculty actually wants to talk with the students? I guess since we're not registering for anything for next semester we can't complain but I'm sorely tempted to ask this lady why this has never been done before. It could have been helpful, although I somehow doubt it. Faculty lunches to talk about registration?

Am I too cynical if I suspect that the reason the school is doing this this week is because the ABA is here looking into re-accreditation? Just like the painting and sandblasting and cleaning and gardening was in full swing the past two weeks, this stinks of pandering. That's not to say these things won't be helpful to people who actually attend...

(And is anyone surprised that Professor Contract's office hours are being held on the bricks? Yeah.)

Dear Students,

As I announced on Monday, the Course Schedules for Summer, 2007 and Fall, 2007 are now available for review. They can be picked up in the Student Lounge Today. They are also available online at

Many faculty members have agreed to hold extra office hours in the next week to assist you in course selection. I am attaching a list of Faculty and their office hours for your convenience. We will publish an updated list as we hear of additional availability. If you have a question about the faculty and their areas of background or expertise, I encourage you to visit their web pages at

We have also scheduled lunch meetings for Monday, April 2 and Tuesday, April 3, 12:30-2pm in the Student Lounge where faculty members will be available to discuss the course schedule and perspectives on course selection.

Finally, we have scheduled an Online Chat for Wednesday, April 4 from 5:00pm-6:30pm. For information on joining the CHAT, please visit the Dean of Students Website at: Please remember that the Dean of Students office is also available for individual appointments throughout the next week.

Faculty Office Hours:

Wednesday, March 28:

5:45 – 8:00p.m. Abraham

Thursday, March 29:

9:30 – 11:30a.m. Bradley

10:00 – 12:00p.m. Vladeck

12:30 – 2:30p.m. Robinson

1:00 – 2:00p.m. Fenton

2:00 – 4:00p.m. Iglesias

4:00 – 5:00p.m. Valdes

4:00 – 6:00p.m. Hill

5:45 – 8:00p.m. Abraham

Friday, March 30:

8:00 – 10:00a.m. T. Anderson

10:00 – 11:00a.m. Widen (at the bricks)

10:30 – 12:30p.m. Casebeer

2:00 – 3:00p.m. Coombs

2:00 – 4:00 Vladeck

Monday, April 2:

10:00 – 11:00a.m. Froomkin

10:00 – 12:00p.m. Gudridge

10:00 – 12:00p.m. Calli

11:00 – 12:00p.m. Schnably

12:00 – 2:00p.m. Massey

1:00 – 3:00p.m. S. Wise

3:00 – 3:30p.m. Coker

3:30 – 5:30p.m. Freshman

4:00 – 5:00p.m. Lynch

Tuesday. April 3:

9:30am – 10:30a.m. Froomkin

10:00 – 11:00a.m. Diamond

11:00 – 12:00p.m. Schnably

12:00 – 2:00p.m. Langbein

1:00 – 3:00p.m. Alfieri

2:00 – 2:30p.m. Coker

2:00 – 4:00p.m. Barnes

3:30 – 5:30p.m. R. Rosen

4:00 – 5:00p.m. Coombs

Wednesday, April 4:

10:00 – 11:00a.m. Widen (at the bricks)

2:00 – 5:00p.m. Fajer

3:00 – 5:00p.m. Winick

4:00 – 5:00p.m. Coombs

Thursday, April 5:

9:00 – 11:00a.m. Doyle

1:00 – 2:00p.m. Fenton

4:00 – 5:00p.m. Valdes

4:00 – 5:00p.m. Drew

5:45 – 8:00p.m. Abraham

Friday, April 6:

10:00 – 11:00a.m. Widen (at the bricks)

10:30 – 12:30p.m. Casebeer

4:00 – 5:00p.m. Drew


At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that the faculty/student stuff (and your last post re: the registration chat) is because of the ABA's presence so much as it's the new Dean of Students. Here's hoping it's the latter; it's not much use to us 3L's at this point, but at least the improvements bode well for future students.

But yeah, the flurry of pre-ABA gardening and painting was absolutely laughable. I don't think we are going to lose accreditation because of old paint on the doors.

At 7:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Widen at the bricks - I love it.

At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dang, Miami fell in the rankings - back to 70. But Miami's reputation among lawyers and judges would rank us at 48.

2008 US News Rankings (Leaked)

Based only on reputation here.

At 7:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Assuming those are correct. We'll find out tomorrow!

At 4:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why the worry about the US News Rankings? Last I checked, we were ranked 18th by LawDragon. Clearly the folks at US News are not checking UM Law's homepage . . .


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