Monday, March 26, 2007

yada yada yada

Hey, have you noticed how much easier it is to park this semester than in past semesters? I don’t always get here first thing in the morning like I used to do and I’ve still never had to take the shuttle. I wonder why…


Did you see the e-mail about an online chat with the faculty for 1Ls and 2Ls so they can ask questions about registration? Extended office hours by professors? Huh? Since when? Why didn’t they have this for my class in any of the past five semesters we registered for?


Why is it that not a single professor in this law school is capable of setting up the laptop projector or DVD/VCR player? Any time a laptop projector or DVD/VCR is shown it takes an army of people from the AV center to set it up. It’s amazing that the technology at this school is so primitive.


I signed up for PMBR in addition to Bar-Bri. The six-day PMBR class starts May 14. Graduation is May 13. Awesome. I can’t wait for this summer!


I got talked into going to Barrister’s. Well, my wife got talked into it, which means I’ll be there.



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