Wednesday, April 25, 2007

no class

I had my last law school class ever today. It's strange to think that I'll never again do something so that was such a constant in my life for what seemed like so long. I might go back to the law school, but no more law school classes. Of course, it's not like anything is really over since I still have two finals and a paper (oh, and the bar exam, but we'll worry about that later) before graduation, but it does seem like an accomplishment if for no other reason than that I vividly remember my first full week of classes and how far off this point seemed. And now it's here. And I'm done.

I can't say I have unhappy memories of law school classes, but they aren't necessarily fond memories either. Some professors made class interesting and worthwhile. Most were up and down - they just taught the law and sometimes it was interesting while other times it was dull. One prof (Prof. State/Local Govt) spent the majority of the semester raving about his personal paranoid delusions and how much he despised the students - and everyone other than himself - because we were morally, intellectually and emotionally inferior to him . One (Prof. Crim Pro) turned every class into the opportunity to deliver a political manifesto so far on the left of the spectrum that even I was appalled. One (Prof. Contracts) rambled about whatever came to mind and left it to us to learn the subject, which as it turned out, wasn't all that complicated after all. One (nameless) was incapable of teaching without actually reading from the casebook - as if he didn't know the material, which was strange. Another (Prof. ADR Policy) literally made every class a pleasure to go to. One (Prof. Evidence) was so hyperactive that it stressed me out, but somehow also made me study hard. One (Prof. Con Law II and Prof. BA) lectured non-stop for the entire two hours and could've been talking to a room full of cats; his lectures were the same. One (Prof. Con Law), who I think was a good professor and a very good person, criticized the justice who wrote every opinion and thought almost every opinion was wrong. Another (Prof. Torts) liked to yell at students and his voice cracked when he yelled. One prof (you know who) put on race-goggles for every case. Another (Prof. Civ Pro) turned the color of a tomato one day, then kept teaching as if nothing happened. One (nameless, but no longer employed here) was a miserable, wretched person who hated his students (unlike Prof. State/Local, who despised us but also despised everyone).


At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories, Some Guy. It's been an interesting ride. Keep fighting the good fight. I'm off to buy me some Champion Spark Plugs.....

At 8:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems that Prof. Contracts agrees with you that "Business law is about as complicated as Donkey Kong." See

At 6:07 PM, Blogger Vert said...

Good luck Some Guy. I'm done. I'm so excited. It feels good man. Really, really good.


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