Thursday, May 10, 2007


Have you seen this? Someone sent it to me in an e-mail. I assume it's been making the rounds. Some are funny. I think it would've been really funny when we were 1Ls. Anyway, here you go.
1. You consider dropping out of law school approximately every 3 hrs,
but after that first semester you realized you're already in too much debt
to be anything other than a lawyer.
2. You can't remember if you decided to come to law school b/c you
wanted to help people and make a diff in the world or b/c you hate yourself.
3. You aspire to one day own Blackacre.
4. The drama in your life now rivals that of high school.
5. You can name w/out hesitation at least 3 people who make you want to
throw things when you see them raise their hands in class.
6. You think IRAC and CREAC are just code for saying the same thing
over and over.
7. You are truly and deeply unnerved by the thought of some of your
classmates becoming attorneys.
8. You wonder if that one professor who always seems angry and
irritable and treats students' minds as his personal playground is actually a
sociopath or just didn't get enough hugs as a child.
9. You know and understand the complicated epistemological and
metaphysical differences between coffee and red bull.
10. You think whoever came up with the Socratic method should have his
face lit on fire and then beaten out with a rake.
11. When someone is expressing their frustration or anger bout
something that is in any way related to the law, you can't be sympathetic b/c
you're too busy figuring out in your head if they have a cause of action.
12. You're pretty sure the reasonable prudent man is a friendless tool
who still lives with his mother.


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