Friday, June 15, 2007

grad(e) me!

Still no sign of Prof. Admin Law's grades. I know he's an adjunct so he's busy but it's been almost six weeks now since the exam. It was a relatively small class - maybe 40 people- so he doesn't have that many essays to grade. I took it pass fail so all I want to know is that I passed, obviously.

We should be allowed to re-evaluate professors after grades are turned in. Or maybe someone should keep a tally and publish the date professors turn in their grades. Actually that's a great idea. Too bad I won't give a shit any more after I get my last two grades so it won't be me who does this. Someone could compile them by polling students and publish it on line or in the student newspaper. Maybe (though I doubt it) that would shame these lazy slackers (yes, I said lazy) into getting their grading done.

I know, I know, grading is no fun but this is ridiculous. It's YOUR JOB or at least your PART-TIME JOB THAT YOU AGREED TO TAKE ON, knowing full well that grades would have to be turned in eventually.


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