Tuesday, July 17, 2007

not much

Not much to say. A week from now I'll be in Tampa. Actually exactly a week from when I'm writing this I'll be about 35 percent done with the bar exam. The other day I couldn't sleep because I was taking a practice test in my head. The strange thing is that I don't think I was going over any actual material; I was just doing questions by rote and that kept me from falling into a deep sleep. Strange. It doesn't make any sense. I guess I must have been half asleep and drifting in and out of sleep. Whatever. I think last night I dreamed about learned treatises and the difference between past recollection recorded and present recollection refreshed. Or is it the other way around?

I want my life back. I keep thinking about all the things I want to do once this is over. After going out of town for a couple of weeks I still have over two weeks until my job starts. You'd think I would have this long list of things I want to accomplish but mostly the things I want to do are normal things: watch an entire baseball game on TV, cook something for dinner, not have to think I should be studying whenever I'm doing something that's not studying, not worrying about the bar exam, etc.

I talked to someone at the PMBR class who starts a job with the local public defender after the bar exam. The job starts July 30. That's four days after the last day of the bar exam. That sucks. I know someone who actually turned down a job with the local PD for that reason - he couldn't bear the thought of having only a four-day break. But I guess you make up for it by getting something like three weeks vacation a year, getting out early on Fridays, working 9:30 to 5 at most, not working weekends, etc. Not that I'd want that salary. Anyway, the worst was last summer when I took the MPRE - there were people who had just taken the bar exam two weeks before. I can't imagine being motivated to get ready for another test just two weeks later even though there's no valid comparison between the MPRE and the real thing.


At 1:38 PM, Anonymous triallawyer said...

where are you working next year?

did u get thre job through oci? cpc office?

im still looking for a litigation job, turned down 2 offers from real estate firms.

UM CPC has been about as effective as bob dole before the viagra commercial....

At 3:21 PM, Blogger some guy said...

I'll tell you in person where I'm working but not on the blog. Of course OCI or the CPC had absolutely nothing to do with it.

At 10:10 PM, Blogger Liney said...

Really? The Miami PD starts so early? I know the Ft. Lauderdale PD waits a while. Man - I'm frazzled enough with having to move - forget starting work 4 days later. Most of my friends have until the 20th to start work.

At 7:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems like a lot of the people going straight to work afterwards are the ones who came straight here from undergrad. I don't think they realize they won't get 3 weeks in a row of vacation for YEARS.


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