Tuesday, July 03, 2007

outta there

I heard some people talking about staying in Tampa after the bar on Wednesday night. I guess everyone is different so I can see why you might want to stay put but I know that I will be grumpy and pissed off (even if I feel confident in how I did) and will want to get the heck out of there, even if it means being stuck in rush hour and getting home at midnight. (The bar is in Tampa).

I changed my reservation so I get in on Sunday and stay three nights. Originally I was going to get there on Monday but it seemed like a good idea not to have to worry about potential car trouble or anything else that would create anxiety or other problems on Monday.


I've never hated law school as much as I do right now although technically this isn't law school, this is post-law school, right?

I think I'm cracking up. I was in Richter library today for the first time in a long time and when I got back to my seat after a bathroom break my ear plugs were gone. The entire little bag I had in my backpack was gone. I was this close to yelling at this guy who was sitting a few desks down and who was sitting there watching me as I opened all the little pockets on my backpack and looked around the desk and floor to see if they had dropped (in other words anyone could see I was clearly looking for something). I'm not really that type to go randomly accusing a stranger. I have no idea if he stole them. They probably fell out somewhere although I don't know how that's possible because I had them when I sat down to start studying and then they disappeared when I left. Odds are slim that someone actually went up to my stuff and rifled through my bag and took only one thing - a small bag of ear plugs. Who would want someone else's ear plugs? just to fuck around, I suppose. My point is that I'm cracking under the pressure - I think paranoia is the first sign you are becoming delusional.

Speaking of cracking I am seriously considering giving up on property. My scores are not getting better. ON the one hand the PMBR questions are pissing me off and I assume the actual bar questions are somewhat easier because I scored well on the practice released questions test from BarBri in that MDR book. On the other hand it's killing me to spend so much time on property. The right answer to this problem is to work even harder to get down property. But maybe I should be focusing on the other subjects instead so those subject scores are significantly higher and can pull me along if I get a low property score. Of course the problem is that just because I start devoting the howevermany minutes a day I now spend on property to other subjects doesn't mean I'd do better in those subjects. Would I really do better if I devoted an extra 10-15 minutes a day to those other subjects? I doubt it. But with three weeks until the big day (THREE WEEKS!) if I did no more property between now and then, it's safe to assume that I'll do shitty in property. Ah. I don't know. There's no good answer really.



At 5:30 PM, Blogger Liney said...

I'm staying in Tampa, mostly 'cause I can't see myself having the brains to drive 5 hours home. For example today , after finishing lunch, three fellow studiers and I got into a car, and could not navigate back to the lecture hall... we were backing up and u-turning all over the place. Hello! We've all lived here at least 3 years, and we can't make it less than a mile back down the road?? I don't need to be behind a wheel.

At 12:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you get a chance, check out Evidence question 187 in the Big Red Book and Question 21 in the small gray book distributed during the 6-day PMBR and explain to me how PMBR can ask the same question verbatim, yet produce 2 separate, divergent answers. Cause for concern?

At 1:18 PM, Blogger some guy said...

wow. that's not good at all. nice catch though. i might call them up tomorrow and ask what the deal is because this is totally unacceptable. if they can't answer maybe we should bring the books to the 3-day and ask the professor.

i haven't caught any specific ones like this but while doing PMBRs from the big book i could swear once or twice i noticed a similar situation where i was positive that the PMBR explanation was just wrong (although i never bothered to pinpoint the contradicting question).


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