Saturday, July 28, 2007

tough choices

A few commenters mentioned selling BarBri books online. So here's a guy trying to sell a complete set of 2006 BarBri books for $290 and the highest bid is $40. That's not enough. BarBri gives you more than that, right? I can't remember how much BarBri gives you back - I think it's $150 but I could be wrong. Here's someone selling their 2005 Conviser on amazon for $40. I don't know.

On ebay people are selling their outlines. Does anyone actually buy them? Who would do that? I guess it doesn't hurt to try and sell them and hope for a buyer? Even the PMBR CDs are selling for $40, which is great, but the high bid is much lower. Is it even worth selling them for $10? Probably not. I think I'll keep the PMBR stuff just in case.

But what if you try to sell it and don't get anything and the BarBri deadline passes and you're stuck with this crap? I don't know. I'll worry about it after I get back from my trip.


At 9:47 AM, Blogger Liney said...

Barbri gives you 175. I live around the corner from the office and have been too lazy to take them back yet. I think the prices online are low, because no one is thinking about the bar right now. Late November should be the start of the real bargaining - only by then it's too late to return your books. How much will it cost to ship them back?

At 1:57 PM, Blogger Liney said...

Oh I meant to tell you. I finally took my books around the corner to the Barbri Office. After I unloaded all of them, the woman told me I didn't qualify for the refund. I was pissed, so I stole back my Conviser and Handout Book when she turned her back.

Don't worry - you'll get your refund, I just don't because I got a deal on my course.


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