Saturday, September 29, 2007

all grown up

One of the things that takes getting used to now that I'm back in the full-time working world is that I'm surrounded by adults. Don't get me wrong - this is not an insult to you, the reader. I'm not suggesting I was any more mature than anyone while I was in law school even though I was several years older than most people. I just mean that everyone is so serious at work. And, get this, people actually work all day. For almost two years, I resisted the pull of the Internet during class. Sure, I logged on plenty, but unlike most people, I actually paid attention. But by the last year, especially the final semester, I paid attention maybe half the time. I was online, like every other 3L I know, the other half.

The people I work with all seem nice. They seem relatively friendly. There isn't much Office Space crap going on, or if there is, I don't see it because I sit in my office and do work. (By the way, I noticed that if I crane my neck I actually have a view of the Atlantic Ocean. That's cool. I can also watch the Goodyear Blimp land because its landing spot is outside my window (a few miles away but I can see it clearly). Attorneys work and paralegals do their thing and secretaries do whatever they do. But there is very little actual conversation about anything other than work (except for one guy; there's always one guy in every office who when you see him, you know you're locked into a conversation for 10 minutes). I've never walked into someone's office and seen someone checking ESPN or CNN or myspace or Facebook or IMing. Not once. I'm sure it happens because the IT guy said they don't monitor your usage, although they do block personal e-mail sites for some strange reason, but people in my law firm actually do work.

It's not that I'm surprised at this or that I have a problem with it. It just takes getting used to.


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