Tuesday, March 28, 2006

less hopeful every day

Another week and another phase of OCI has passed. This time the Career center went all out. Unlike Supplemental Phase III, a total of one employer participated in Supplemental Phase IV. So I -- and presumably about 250 other students - bid on it. I have high hopes for the next phase. Maybe they'll have two employers! And three for the sixth, and final, phase! Wouldn't that be something...

All these problems I'm having finding a job have me really excited about this time next year when I'll be struggling to find a full-time job instead of just a summer job. Fortunately, this fine institution is here to help. To wit, if you click on the "Attorney Openings" section of the jobs database, one of the listings is for a web site called "Law Practice In a Box." I hate when people get all bold and stuff, but ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is their suggestion to graduating 3Ls? Sign up for a "free starter kit" that apparently is a box full of discount offers for office supplies, legal forms, office furniture and web hosting? Is this somebody's idea of a joke? Is the job market that bad that the best they can offer is Law Practice in a Box? Hey, I guess one or two new graduates might set off on their own immediately after law school, but that's not feasible for 99.9 percent of new graduates (because, in case you're reading this blog and you're not already in law school, of two reasons: (1) when you graduate you have no idea how to actually practice law unless you had extensive experience clerking and (2) unless you had another career where you made a name for yourself in a niche industry, you won't get clients).

Goddamn, I love The Sopranos.


At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That really stinks someguy. My heart goes out to you, I wish I had some really good advice to give.

It might be worth calling up every judge in town, and asking to do an unpaid summer clerkship. Yeah, it means no money, more debt; but if the choice is between putting "paid waiter" or "clerk for judge smith" on your resume, it might be worth getting judge smith. It will help for fall OCI, especially with the firms that went before judge smith that summer (write their names down, mention it during the interview).

CPC might work better if they hired people who have actually practiced law at some time during their life.

At 3:53 PM, Blogger Bricklayer said...

"Goddamn, I love The Sopranos."

Maybe you should start acting/thinking more like Tony. Your job search whining reminds me of Johny Fontaine from the opening of Godfather I. What did Johny do? He networked with important people who didn't mind doing him a favor.

OCI? Fuhgedaboudit.

At 2:28 PM, Blogger StarSearch said...

I have used http://www.free-legal-referral.com in the past to find lawyers in my area!

At 5:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do a clerkship - not many people get those big firm jobs as 2Ls and even if they do, I know around 5 (prob out of 50) that did not get hired for a permanent position. Nothing is guaranteed. I just got my post-grad job offer yesterday and I am a 3L.

At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nothing to do with your post - um law ranking is up to 65 now. just fyi, if you are interested in commenting on that.


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