Sunday, October 30, 2005

no thanks

No thanks, I don't want that extra hour of darkness. An extra hour to sit around in a dark house and wait until bedtime. At least now I can stay at school until it's almost time to go home and go right to sleep. That's really the kind of lifestyle I want to lead anyway, right?

For the love of God can I pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease have my power back? (A guy I know told me I should just call FPL and beg them; he said it worked for him...)

One of the many annoying things about this extended outage is driving home at night through the surrounding neighborhood. Four blocks from home it almost looks normal--a few street lights out here, a couple dark stores in the strip mall -- so you assume power is on everywhere. Then you get closer to home and just looking in the general direction it's pitch black. No, must be clouds, you think. Why clouds? Never mind. Surely my power is back on. Of course it is, right? Turn the corner into the neighborhood, and see it's all dark. No but I live around the corner and the transformer that controls my home has only 42 homes attached to it, so mine might still be on. Turn left. Turn right. Still dark. Fuck. Shit. Crap.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Today is day six without power. Sixty percent of customers have had it restored. Not me. Not my grandparents. At least my neighborhood got moved into the Nov. 15 zone from the Nov. 22 area. Great.

There is something strange on the FPL web site: a photo gallery. It's a bunch of pictures of downed power lines and poles. As if we needed photos to prove their facilities were damaged and that's why they're taking so damn long to get power back to my neighborhood...

Friday, October 28, 2005

great news! (sort of)

No, I still don't have power. The good news is that school is back on Monday! I never thought I would be so excited to be going back to school. I'm so bored.

Unfortunately if I still don't have power this means I'll be at school for about 14 hours a day instead of the 9 hours a day I've been on campus the past couple of days and for the next two days. Still, it's almost like getting back to normal.

Now if I can only get gas and my grandparents can get power I'll feel much better about things...

From the UM web site:
The Law School will open on its regular schedule on Monday, October 31, 2005. All administrators and staff are expected to report to work on Monday. If you are unable to report to work on Monday because of a serious Hurricane related condition, please contact your immediate supervisor and explain in detail your situation. If the public and/or private schools are not open on Monday, all parents (students and staff) who are not able to make alternative arrangements for their children are welcome to bring them to School. Canterbury Preschool, Coral Gables Campus, is open. If your preschool children are not already enrolled, please call (305) 972-8273 and discuss any questions with Ms. Phyllis Bochman.
Although gas shortages are expected to ease considerably over the week-end, we encourage students and staff to consider carpooling if possible.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

make up classes!

It's 5:27 p.m. Apparently the dean sent out an e-mail about making up classes at 3:23 p.m. I haven't yet received it but I found it on the school's web site.

For me, it raises more questions than it answers (like why does it take more than 2 hours to get an e-mail from the dean?). For instance, does the fact that Professor Civ Pro II crammed more reading into the alloted days mean no make up classes for Civ Pro? What will happen with Evidence where we were supposed to have halloween off? Presumably we'll have class on halloween and that would mean we won't be in class on Saturday November 5 at night until 9 p.m. Wow. that would be really unpleasant. (Why are the other 2 weekend make ups on Sunday but this one is on Saturday? Sure, I'll be in class if it's Saturday nigth but I can't think too many other people will be there Saturday night until 9 p.m.)

Another question it raises: does the dean really think people were using this time to outline? Most of us have no power and haven't had access to it until today. That must be a joke...

Anyway, here's the e-mail:

To: Fall 2005 Law Students
From: Marc Fajer, Associate Dean
Date: October 27, 2005

I hope you all are safe and coping as well as you can under the circumstances. The Law School sustained only minor damage in the the storm. We have power and the network and e-mail systems are fully operational. The lockers that were blown over have been put back in place. This memo is to keep you apprised of our current plans.

Today through Sunday: Today through Sunday, the Law Library and Subway will be open and the Help Desk will be staffed. The library will open at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow and at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday, and will close at 7:00 p.m. each night. Note that the time changes on Saturday night; set your clocks back one hour. Because we are likely to be running a compressed schedule once we start classes again, you may wish to take advantage of this time (and the air conditioned library) to catch up and begin preparation for exams.

Papers Due and Exams Scheduled This Week (October 24-28): Treat papers that had been due this week as due on the first day we resume classes. Even though the library is open now, you should not try to turn in papers until classes resume. Otherwise, there is a serious risk that your work will be mislaid because most of the staff is not here now. Midterm exams scheduled this week in Professor Williamson’s International Law and A.D.R. classes are tentatively rescheduled for Wednesday, November 2 during your usual class time.

Monday: We currently plan to resume a full class schedule on Monday. Those of you who are parents, if we are open and your children’s schools are not, feel free to bring your children to class with you. Given the difficulty obtaining gasoline, we strongly recommend that you try to carpool if possible.

There is a possibility that the University will decide that concerns about transportation and safety will require us to remain closed or to cancel evening classes on Monday. Please continue to monitor the website and/or one of the hotline numbers (305-284-5151 or 305-284-4551) over the next few days to get the latest information.

Assuming that we are fully operative on Monday, we will implement the plan laid out below to facilitate scheduling make-up classes. If we have to cancel more classes, we will issue a revised schedule that probably will involve shifting the dates for final exams.

Plan for Making Up Classes Lost to Wilma: This plan for meeting the ABA requirement for 700 minutes of classtime per unit credit was designed with several concerns in mind. We wanted to avoid interfering with existing plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, especially given the difficulty and expense of changing airline reservations during the holiday season. We also wanted to avoid creating impossible work burdens on students and faculty during the remaining month of classes. Finally, we wanted to ensure that students had adequate time to prepare for exams.

Make-Up Days: The gist of the plan is to designate five days on which classes were not scheduled to make up the five days lost to Wilma. To do this, we will utilize one weekend day on each of the first three weekends in November and the Monday and Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Specifically:

Monday classes will be made up on Monday, November 28

Tuesday classes will be made up on Tuesday, November 29

Wednesday classes will be made up on Saturday, November 5

Thursday classes will be made up on Sunday, November 20

Friday classes will be made up on Sunday, November 13

On each of the make-up days (except the one for Friday classes), we will presumptively run the entire day’s class schedule as though it were the day being made up. In other words, if you have class on Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. in Room 265, then you will have Room 265 available for your class at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 5. If you have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. in Room 352, that room will be available for your class at 6:30 p.m. on both Sunday, November 20 and Tuesday, November 29.

On Sunday November 13, we will make up Friday morning classes on the following schedule:

8:00 a.m. classes will meet at 1:00 p.m. in the usual rooms

9:30 a.m. classes will meet at 2:30 p.m. in the usual rooms

11:00 a.m. classes will meet at 4:00 p.m. in the usual rooms

Use of the Make-Up Days and Alternatives: The faculty teaching each class have the option of using the scheduled make-up days or of trying to make up classes in other ways such as extending the length of already scheduled classes or using other times when the classrooms are available. However, we presume that many faculty members will choose to use the pre-scheduled make-up days. Your Professors should be letting you know your make-up schedule during the first week back.

Attendance and Taping: Treat attendance at the make-up classes no differently than for any other class. If you need to miss a make-up class, follow the standard procedures for alerting your instructors. Students who have religious obligations that prevent them from attending one of the scheduled make-up sessions will be excused. We plan to tape as many of the make-up classes as possible. However, we strongly suggest that you not skip classes and rely on the tapes because the demand for the tapes and for video and audio players may result in significant wait-time before you can review them.

Shift in the Exam Schedule: Because of the post-Thanksgiving classes, the reading period will be shorter than usual. We hope that this will be partially offset by your using your extra week off to catch-up and outline. However, because we are concerned that the shortened reading period will affect first-year students more than upper level students, we are going to make a small adjustment in the exam schedule. The first-years were scheduled to begin exams on Friday, December 2 and the upper level students were scheduled to begin on Saturday December 3. We will switch the schedules for those two days, so that the upper level exams scheduled for December 3 will take place on December 2 and the first years will have their first exam on December 3. The rest of the exam schedule will remain unchanged.

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems.

Are you as sick of Wilma as I am?

Now we’re seeing an emergence of the Haves and Havenots. The Haves have power. The Havenots don’t. You really don’t have any control over the power situation unless you own a generator which I’m thinking most students don’t. The people who have power seem to live in apartment complexes and just got lucky that their area got power first. Some of the Haves also have gas but that’s because they waited 4 hours in a line. Goddamn that sucks. I have half a tank so that’s enough to get to and from school for the next four or five days at least. On the other hand, I had a hot shower at the Wellness Center today. It was awesome…


The rumors are flying about how we’re going to have to make up classes. I assume they deans don’t yet know what we’ll do but I wish they would tell us something so people would stop spreading rumors. I’ve heard everything from having exams after the winter break to classes for the next three Sundays and the first two days of the reading period. Exams after winter break? Not a good idea.

I don’t think we’ll be having exams after winter break since the profs are already working out what do to on their own. Professor Civ Pro II already sent out an e-mail with the revised syllabus. It’s a lot of reading but I guess it presumes you did the reading for this week’s cancelled classes so as a result you can stay on track. Whatever. Better to have a lot of reading than class on Sundays. I’m guessing though, that since she’s been teaching for about 1,000 years, she knows how to pick up the pace and get through this stuff without holding any extra classes.


I couldn’t help noticing that Gov. Jeb Bush has gone public defending FEMA and said to blame him instead of FEMA for poor planning and delays in the distribution of ice and water. And Bush isn’t running for re-election. Coincidence? I don’t think so. That was smart of Karl Rove to tell Jeb to take the blame so he could deflect blame from FEMA. I bet in future FEMA fuckups they’ll find a lame duck Republican politician to “volunteer” to take the blame…

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

wilma's aftermath

Hey, what did people do all day and night before electricity? Talk to one another? I want my power back. Please? I get jealous when I hear of friends who have power and I know of at least one apartment complex that a lot of law students live in that has power back already. Argh.

I think the only lingering problem is lack of power, especially because only a handful of gas stations are open and those have lines lasting hours. Soon no one will be able to get anywhere at least until all gas stations are back online. It’s strange because there’s no shortage of gas but pumps operate on electricity and there is none. I guess it’s too expensive for gas stations to buy generators? I don’t know much about these things. I guess for the next hurricane I’ll stockpile some gas, too.

Oh well. Life goes on. Tomorrow the library is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. so I’ll be there to charge my laptop and cell phone (and study—seriously; I’m sure whatever plan they devise for making up classes won’t be fun at all since we have only four weeks left in the semester) the entire time except when I’ll be at the Wellness Center to work out and also take a shower. The freezing shower I took today was kind of unpleasant, to say the least…

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

class, power, etc.

So classes are cancelled for the entire week. They hotline didn’t say they would resume on Monday. But the library is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. starting on Thursday. No word yet on when the wellness center will re-open.

I heard on the radio that everyone will have power on by mid-November.

Damn. Hurricanes suck.

no more wilma

Wow. That sucked. Wilma was not good to us. The roof is intact but is now missing most shingles and gutters. Overall it could’ve been much worse. Much, much worse. I haven't been out of the house since before the storm but apparently a lot of people lost more than just shingles. Houses on my street held up well, probably because the homes are 50 or so years old and sturdy.

I am tired and sore everywhere because I spent five hours sawing and chopping fallen trees in my backyard. With a regular saw, not a chainsaw.

I need a generator. They said four weeks until everyone gets power back. That’s not good.

I think I’d much rather have blizzards than hurricanes…

Monday, October 24, 2005

more on wilma

The National Hurricane Center says Wilma is packing winds of 120 miles per hour. It occurs to me that I would have no idea whether wind I’m seeing is 60 miles per hour or 120 miles per hour. I guess when trees start blowing past you window, you’re in the 100 range. I don't know how to gauge these things just by looking outside or listening to the pounding the shutters are taking. So I don’t know how fast the wind is blowing in my neighborhood. I have no idea. I’d just like it to stop soon.

I wish I had something productive to do but it’s hard to take your mind off the hurricane when it’s so damn loud and it’s dark. I thought I’d study today but that doesn’t look likely because once this thing leaves there will be plenty of cleaning up to do outside. I'm anxious to see what the damage is.

At least it’s not hot and muggy like it was for Katrina.

the hurricane is here...right now

So this is what a hurricane sounds like. It’s loud. It sounds like I’m in a tin hut in a wind tunnel.

I think shutters actually make it louder than it should be. One shutter sounds like it’s being battered continuously. By what? I’m not sure. It’s also dark in the house (even though it’s light outside).

My house has shutters except in the back so I can see the backyard and trees are blowing all over the place. It looks like the wind is much stronger than it was during Katrina. It’s a safe bet that plenty of those massive trees that got knocked down during Katrina are blowing over again. I don’t really know if buildings are getting damaged though. Neither do the yahoos on the radio (which is broadcasting the helmet heads on TV)

Power is out. Phone is working (I’m on dial-up…yeah, I’m old school!). Nothing to do but wait. They say it will be out of the area soon. Then it’s supposed to get cold. You’ll get no complaints from me about the cold.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Now it’s getting stronger. For the love of God, please get here and go already...

The professor thinks the fact that they cancelled Tuesday means Shalala and friend know more than everyone else. The professor seems vastly more intelligent than I but it's hard to believe a small group of officials at school know more about what the storm is gonna do than all the other forecasters combined...


Why did I just receive an e-mail that they're cancelling school on Tuesday? This makes no sense. For better or for worst, the storm will be gone by tomorrow mid afternoon. Why did they need to make this decision now?

I think Shalala is gun shy after blowing it for Katrina when some poor students were in class until 6 p.m. as the storm was battering Coral Gables. Heck, why not cancel classes for the rest of the week?

But cancelling Tuesday's classes now, when we all know for sure that we'll know what Wilma has brought by tomorrow afternoon is absurd. Don't tell me faculty and staff need more than 12 hours notice to know whether they're coming to work on Tuesday.

(Yeah, I know, I'm a nerd...I don't want classes cancelled because I know we'll have to make them up eventually. We've had too many cancellations this semester. I'm thinking they'll make us come in on weekends--or Friday afternoons at worst. That's no fun.)

wilma, wilma, wilma

Still waiting for Wilma. She’ll hit the west coast of the state at dawn tomorrow and then be out of here and off into the Atlantic by late in the day. So that’s good, right? A fast-moving storm can’t be too dangerous, right? Actually, no, that’s not good and yes, a fast-moving storm can be dangerous and deadly.

I’ll still be glad when it’s gone because the hysteria – it’s gone well beyond hype –is out of control here.

I assume we’ll be back in school and everything will be back to normal Tuesday morning – or sooner, like on Monday night. But who knows? Wilma could be a whopper and wreak major devastation.

If Monday is the only day of classes we miss then I assume Professor Evidence will hold class on Halloween instead of giving us that day off and then we won’t have to make up any classes. That would be cool. I never understood why he was giving us the day off on Halloween. It’s not like I was planning to go trick or treating.

In other news, I’m getting rid of Comcast because Comcast is the worst company in the history of companies. Comcast is terrible. Comcast is the worst. Actually Comcast has one more chance to fix my problems when they come out on Friday. Then I’m switching to DSL and either Dish Network or Direct TV. The Dish people told me that all their satellites survived Katrina. Sure. It can’t be worse than Comcast though. As for DSL over cable internet, I’m thinking that since we never, ever have trouble with the phone line (in fact I never even use the phone; I don’t know why we even have it since everyone including my grandma calls me on my cell phone) DSL should work consistently, right? I hope so because I’m switching.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Wilma's coming. Or not.

She's coming. Or not. Still no one has a clue. It will weaken and hit Florida as a 1 or 2. But the wind field will "expand" (but not get stronger) as it crosses the state. But it might not hit where we live.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Give me something I can use, please. Enough with the hysteria.

Overheard this week:

Unknown student: “I hope they cancel school for the hurricane on Monday. I have a midterm and I’m 750 pages behind in my reading.”

Friday, October 21, 2005

Wilma, Oh Wilma

I don’t think I really understand all the people that are leaving town for the hurricane. I mean sure, I understand that hurricanes can bring massive devastation. But this one is at a standstill. It’s just sitting there and now isn’t going to hit us until Monday or later. At its current pace it will hit next semester.

Anyone who lives in hurricane country knows a storm’s strength at sea has little bearing on how powerful it will be once it hits land. It strengthens. It weakens. It wobbles. It shears. It changes direction. Or it doesn’t do any of these things. On Monday Wilma was the most powerful storm ever. Yesterday I read that it’s likely to be a tropical storm once it crosses the Florida peninsula and hits South Florida. Other sources said other things yesterday. No one has a clue.

I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry so if you have the ability to leave town it’s not a totally crazy idea. But it seems like overreaction because the bottom line is no one has any idea how powerful it will be, when it will hit or where it will hit. Literally no one has a clue. Forecasters are basically as blind as they were 100 years ago other than that they know a hurricane currently is out there and something's coming eventually.

So to leave town with an indefinite date of return just seems like a slight overreaction fueled by the media’s desire to make this into entertainment which in turn puts everyone in panic mode.

Speaking of confusion, what's with all the people lined up to buy plywood for their homes? Am I wrong in thinking that anyone who needs plywood, unless they bought a house or moved since the last hurricane, should already have plywood at hand? What did they do with their plywood the last time? Burn it? Throw it in the trash?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

kissing pigs at law school

Looks to me like the law students at Nova have way too much time on their hands. The campus is up in arms about kissing pigs.

Wilma has been delayed. My prediction: it won't hit here other than a lot of rain. I'll admit, of course, that I don't know a thing about weather forecasting but despite all the technology, the "experts" are also clueless...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hurricane Wilma

Easily the worst part about the hurricanes is the waiting. Sure, it’s conceivable that the storm will make a direct hit on your house and it will be as bad as it could be but just playing the odds, even if your town gets hit, it won’t be as bad as it looks.

But the panic has already set in here in South Florida. It’s panic in a strange way because everyone is still going about their lives – it’s too early to cancel any plans or do anything other than maybe buy food at the supermarket

The helmet heads on the TV news are already breathless. The school has already informed us that they’re monitoring the storm (no kidding) even though it’s at least three full days away. Everyone I know goes online to check the latest advisories every three hours to see by how much it’s shifted.

We all know by now it’s the most powerful hurricane ever. So was Katrina before she hit land as a category 1 storm (remember, it was the flooding that destroyed New Orleans; not necessarily the storm).

She’s now in the gulf. Wilma is veering to the northwest. The last couple of advisories had Wilma moving even more north and more west, which means it was moving away from South Florida. But only slightly.

Oh yeah and don’t forget that the Herald last week had a 5-day series about how the National Hurricane Center is always wrong because it’s underfunded and has outdated equipment. If you distill about 50,000 words into one sentence, it’s this: the National Hurricane Center is just as clueless as you are about where the storm will hit.

So basically no one has any clue what Wilma will do. But we’ve all decided the best thing to do is go into full-scale panic mode anyway, just in case.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Is law school fun? Yes or no?

Do you enjoy law school?

Do you like being here?

Do you like the people in law school?

Do you ever wish you could be somewhere else?

Can you name 5 things you would rather be doing with your life if you weren't here?

Do you enjoy law school but wish it would hurry up and be over so you can have a paycheck?

Are you glad you can duck out of the real world for a few years?

Do you think you'll have a better life because you went to law school?

Are you sure you're going to practice law?

Do you wonder if, even though you don't really love law school, you'll wish you were back in law school about two months after you start your first law job?

Do you ever wonder if this is a three-year bar exam prep course?

Do you wonder if it's all worth it?

Does your brain hurt sometimes from using it so much?

Do you ever envy Vernell the maintenance guy because he clocks in at 8 and clocks out at 4:30?

Do you ever wish you had a job where you didn't use your brain and not too much was riding on what you did every day, but you had a fulfilling life outside of work?

Can you relate to the professors or do they often seem like they inhabit a different world?

Do you ever think of checking out? (not quitting, but coasting, cruising, etc.)

For that matter, do you ever think of quitting?

Did you come close to quitting your first year?

Has law school warped your brain and made you a different person?

Do you like that new person?

Did you ever imagine you'd become that person?

Do you sometimes have trouble waking up in the morning, knowing you face another day of law school?

Do you wish you enjoyed law school more?

Do you think, hey, I get to wear shorts 365 days of the year. Most people my age are wearing suits or khakis every day to work. This isn't so bad?

Do you ever think, hey, if I blow off a day of law school, no one cares, but if I try this in a couple years when I have a job, that won't go over too well?

Are you glad you don't have to commute to work or spend a lot of time in an office where if you haven't mastered the art of office small talk (think Office Space) people think of you as an outcast?

Do you wonder why some law students take themselves so seriously?

Do you wonder why some law students don't take anything, including law school, seriously?

Is the whole debt thing worth it to you?

Are you going to regret it?

Saturday, October 15, 2005

she's so cutting edge

Who would've thought Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers would have her own blog?

She does. It's terrific.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Give me an R, give me a U, give me a T

It’s that time again. The semester is about half over which means we have a long way to go. But finals will be here before you know it...

Why do we get a spring break but no fall break?...

I’m in a rut. Must crawl out. Soon. At least a lot of other people I know are also in a rut...

Isn’t the weather supposed to get nice about now? Last year I was too busy to notice when the weather changed but I remember one day suddenly realizing that every day the weather was beautiful – mid-70s to low 80s with almost no humidity. I just don’t remember what point in the year it changed...

Hey, speaking of weather, where did all the hurricanes go? It’s been three weeks since Rita. I know Vince just died out in the Atlantic. Uh-oh. I hope I didn’t just jinx it...

Professor Business Associations gave us a one-hour history of the stock market in class the other day. Oh my God was that boring...

I'm not sure but I think Professor Evidence used "scooby-do" as a verb the other day. As a synonym for "investigate." He watched a lot of TV. How does he find the time? These two hour and 35 minute Evidence classes on WEdnesday night are unbearable...

Someone recently found this blog by using the google search terms "urinal of the future." That's funny...

Sunday, October 09, 2005

state of the blogs

I never thought I would become just like everyone else, but apparently I have discovered that although being a 2L is better than being a 1L, life as a 2L is just a lot less interesting. Also, now that I’ve decided to go anonymous and blog less about my own personal life I just don’t have that much to say.

I’m wondering if there are any other 1L bloggers out there besides Klio and her blog is an entertaining read.

Being a 1L is just so much more interesting than being a 2L or 3L. I like to think that last year my blog was much better than it is now. Something about the way your first year of law school transforms your entire existence lends itself to blogging.

So if you don’t want to blog about what you had for dinner or the jackass who cut you off in traffic or how Evidence is by far the hardest class you've taken and every day you expect it to get easier but it doesn't and you want to restrict the number of times you complain about the third world parking conditions and bathrooms on campus, well, there just isn’t much to say on a consistent basis. But i'm not quitting. Not yet, anyway.

The other 2L and 3L bloggers are apparently dead (not dead—I’ve seen these people around but the blogs are dead)

There's tortious interference, who hasn't blogged in over a month. And this guy, Barsk, who hasn't blogged in so long his blog is just a blank page. Bricklayer used to chime in with entertaining posts every now and then but he's been missing in action since mid-summer.

The professor is still blogging like his life depended on itbut he mostly blogs about politics, that he's not a big fan of torture, and his involvement in shaping policies governing the Internet.

Even Lawfool has not blogged in more than two months. If only Lawfool knew how many people ask me what happened to that big old lug and where he is now, surely he’d see fit to update us on his life.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

that's depressing

There’s something um, depressing about the fact that we got two e-mails about today being national depression screening day.

And strangely enough, you can win free movie passes just for going to the screening. I guess that’s something to not be depressed about—you can be depressed but if you win the movie passes that’s something positive although it probably stops short of an actual cure for depression. Right? Eh. I don’t know.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Lake Hurricane

Did anyone else notice the new lake on campus? It’s where the first row of the law school parking lot used to be. It looks to be about six inches deep and about 70-80 feet long. It covers maybe 40-50 parking spots.

The drainage problems are nothing new but how is it possible that they can’t fix this? The only reason I can think of is that whoever walks around campus deciding on what improvements are needed and what things need fixing never sees the law school parking lot after it rains. The entire parking lot is deteriorating. Surely it’s someone’s job to deal with the problems. I know nothing about drainage of parking lots but it rains a lot in this part of the state so you’d think someone would know how to drain parking lots.

I’m a bad Jew. It’s Rosh Hashanah and I’m at school. Not at synagogue. So much guilt. Stupid class schedule…